At the end of August we proudly opened the doors to our fourth brick and mortar location in the heart of Vancouver's Historic Chinatown.

Recently, things have been changing within our industry mainly with apparel heading into a more technical, contemporary athletic direction, we are very excited about this move as we feel it aligns with our own direction. Over the next few years we want to continue to transform from a premium footwear boutique to a more well rounded holistic lifestyle approach, while continually bringing you the very best in limited and exclusive items. With that in mind as a top priority, we built this new store to host more apparel and accessories, categories that we hadn't taken that seriously in the past.

Conceptualizing the space, owner Gary Bone worked closely with local Vancouver designer Lucas Peet to take on the idea of developing a store front which is completely modular and can continually change for different product focuses. From the beginning, we were very open about our ideas and we were both flexible towards getting the best results. 

After opening our doors in Gastown back in 2004 we have been primarily known as a footwear store, yet we strive to continually evolve into a more well rounded lifestyle boutique. We are happy to be able to host more apparel in our new space, coinciding perfectly with the launch of our own private label, {ie , coming very soon.

Our new Chinatown store front is twice the size of our previous flagship store in Gastown, the main goal was to keep things fresh and versatile with our displays. Lucas came up with three modular racking systems to fit the long narrow space, typical for Vancouver's Chinatown district. He designed footwear, and apparel racks which hang from a rail system - allowing them to be placed along any wall in the space, making for easy changes to the overall look of the wall displays, which are able to host and highlight more apparel and accessories overall.

New to the shop and exclusively found at our Chinatown location is LA based watch brand TSOVET. Tsovet is an independent and superlative strength of efficiency representing the freedom of travel and exploration. Obsessed by the details, Tsovet started making watches that make a lasting impression, something they've been doing for a long time. Born and raised in California, the founders have lived in a geographical epicenter that has produced innovative designers and engineers from various creative fields. Their connection and creative contribution inspires Tsovet to explore innovative ways to engineer, develop and build better premium watches by using quartz and automatic movements imported from Switzerland and Japan. Check out the wide selection of Tsovet watches in our Chinatown space and online - TSOVET

With the wall features being interchangeable, Lucas also made the design of the floor tables / racks to be oriented three ways by flipping and rotating them to suit the store's layout and needs at any particular time. Additional features to the walls include a carry over aspect from our Gastown location, that being magnetized shelving.