JORDAN XX9 QS GYM RED / BLACK - It should come to no surprise that the great mind of Tinker Hatfield created this current masterpiece. Tinker has crafted 20 of the 29 Air Jordans. And besides Michael himself, it is arguable that he is the main reason behind the success of the brand. The XX9 features a new construction method aptly titled Performance-Woven. What Performance-Woven does is weave yarn together at a tunable level. Meaning that every yarn, every intersection, and every cross-section can be tuned to do a different function. So if you want one area of the forefoot to be very breathable and then a quarter of inch to the left of it be completely tight and restrictive, you can do so. Literally this process changes the game because it allows a shoe to become completely tuned tothe individuals game. Available in store Saturday September 6th at our W4th Vancouver locations, online allocation will become live at our web store later in the day - JORDAN XX9 QS GYM RED / BLACK