NIKE TAKEOVER @ Livestock Gastown - With the winter coming to a close, it reminds us of the saying "the last mile is the hardest mile". Winter gives you time for two things - contemplation and gaining weight. During our contemplation we reflected on the past year and the up coming season, it really sunk in how strong Nike has been over the past 12 months and from the looks of things into the foreseeable future.

Combining the great product from Nike and the need to shed a few pounds we decided, "what better way to get everyone stoked then to team up with Nike and do a shop takeover of the our Gastown location?"

Our Gastown Livestock location has been a fixture in the historic neighbourhood for the past 10 years. Tucked away discretely at 239 Abbott street, the store has maintained it's original look and feel for over a decade while the surrounding area has changed drastically in Gastown. From the exposed original brick walls to the stainless steel ledges and counter tops, the shop is a mainstay for apparel and footwear within the Global boutique menswear industry. Being that the store has not changed it's aesthetics since it's doors originally opened, we took this opportunity with Nike to use the background characteristics of the store as a blank palate for the takeover.

Using Gastown, which has been home base for the past decade, our team partnered up with Nike to transform the brick and mortar into a full on Nike Pop Up shop literally overnight. The theme of the Pop Up is heavily influenced by Nike's Tech Pack Fleece collection, with detailed wall installations and imagery throughout the store.

Over the past week and the next few to come you will see us release some of Nike's best running, basketball, and Lifestyle products from the past 12 months, along with some of the first few drops of spring 2014.

The idea here is to motivate you into getting more active while showing you the clothes and footwear that you're going to look great in while you're doing it. Overall we will  have two run groups; one that will keep a little mellower pace and will start off at a shorter distance, and another keeping a quicker pace with a longer distance.

Our run club will meet twice a week in Gastown. To kick things off we will start with Thursday nights @ 8:00pm leaving by 8:15pm and when the weather improves we will incorporate a Sunday morning run meeting @ 11:00am leaving by 11:15am.  The Thursday night run, will be a shorter run with both groups working on a higher pace. The Sunday run, will be considerably slower but longer for both groups. Look for the run club program to be implemented in Toronto as well in the near future.

Stop by early to check out the store's transformed look and come run with us.