We've been noticing our favourite golden era quotes around our Vancouver neighbourhood lately and managed to track down "Mega" aka Street Script for a quick interview. Check it out below: 

Full name


Hometown / Current Residence
Delta, BC/ Vancouver, BC

Website / Portfolio site

Background in Typography / Art: Did you go to any schooling, etc / hobby
Studying Bachelor of Design at a well known art school in Vancouver (can't give it away for anonymity reasons). In school my focus has always been on typography. Letters really interest me and I draw them all the time.

How long have you been doing this for
I've been illustrating words from random conversations and general mumbo jumbo ever since I can remember. It wasn't until two years ago i started writing down hip-hop lyrics and a friend asked me to paint his closet with Chief Keef's "That's that shit I don't like". It was actually pretty dope. So that sparked something. And then i guess officially you could say Street Script started last July. 

How do you pick the subject of your artwork
I choose the lyrics that get people going. The ones that jog the memory and that mostly resonate with people. I know there's certain songs that come on and you just feel touched. - Ex. Jay-Z's Dead Presidents Part 1 - where he goes "While others spit that Wonderama shit, me and my conglomerates, shall remain anonymous, caught up in the finest shit." When I heard that, and i was.. BARS. You replay it over and over just because it pokes at your heart a little bit when you hear it. That's why i chose hiphop, and that's how i choose specific lyrics. 

Who / What is your biggest inspiration
Honestly my older sister. She hates me for this but back in the day when i was like 9 I would go in her room and go through all her cool stuff. A lot of it was burnt hiphop CD's that you got off Napster, like Nice & Smooth kinda joints. She had these really cool journals (sorry sis) where she would illustrate songs that explained how she was feeling at the time. I always thought that was so brilliant. So obviously I copied her and I just never really stopped doing it. 

But now artistically I would say Shepard Fairey. Jay Shells with the project "Rap Quotes". Calligrapher Seb Lester. and Pop Artist Edward Ruscha. 

Favourite City / Place and Why
New York! I have such a crush on that place for obvious reasons. The east coast is crazy! There's so many people there on their grind just trying to make it happen. I really admire that. Plus Wu, Jay, Nas, Big, Big L, Mobb. The reasons are obvious.