Friday, December 13- Happy Ending Fridays & Native present Pop Princess Party 4.0 with Pistol Whip, Cherchez, Yurie, Holiday Fashion Show, Mills Bday, in the Livestock Room with Lil India and the return of Experience with Rob Rizk and Friends in the Fortune Special Projects Space

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1) Mirror Maru (cashmere cat) x Cool (Dj Sliink remix) Pistol Whip edit 
2) Touch Me (Vices remix) 
3) She Aint You (Nadus remix) 
4) Thrilla (Villains remix) 
5) Southside Deep ( Trippy Turtle) 
6) Body Party (Dj Sliink remix) 
7) My Boo (Dj Tricks remix) 
8) Make You Touch (Dj Yolo Bear) 
9) Slow Grinding (Dj Tricks Remix) 
10) Blow Ya Back Out (DJ HOODBOI remix) 
11) Who Boot (RuddyP remix) 
12) Surrender (DJ HOODBOI remix) 
13) You Da One (Dj Tray remix) 
14) Don't Blow my High (Dj Tray remix) 
15) 2 Many Freaks - Krayzie Bone

Happy Ending Fridays features the world’s best on rotation alongside local superstars. Happy Ending Fridays feature Hedspin (Eh!Team DJ's), Rico Uno (The Freshest), Marvel (The Freshest), Sincerely Hana (Glory Days), Cherchez (Rad Times), Brendan Butter (Livestock), GMAN (Timebomb, Livestock) with the world's greatest Dj's on rotation. No matter what style or genre of music, Friday nights promise to put forward only the best and meanest flavour for your ears for a truly happy ending to the week. This is not the joint to come looking to hear commercial music we’ll leave the radio and Granville Street to bring you that.