Inspired by the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, this Air Max 95 has been re-imagined, expanding the next iteration of the KOBUTOMUSHI lineup that first grabbed our attention in 2008.Referred to as KOBUTOMUSHI, the rhinoceros beetle is as intriguing as its outward appearance. With enormous strength, the beetle uses a protruding horn from its armored body to catapult predators from branches and logs to defend its territory.

The silhouette features iconic safari print decorated in a metallic finish, giving each design a textured, bug-like appearance. A mix of Black, Antarctica, Catalina and Team Orange tones represent the iridescent color palette of the beetle’s exoskeleton. Leather side panels, representing muscles, are highlighted in a combination of metallic safari print. The spine-like midsole is subtle in black, integrating an Air-Sole unit in the heel and forefoot for extra comfort. The design is completed with vibrant laces and lace loops, making the silhouette as eye-catching as the beetle itself. Available at all store front Livestock locations and online this Saturday Dec.27th.