Curated by art purveyors Arkitip, New York-based illustrator and artist Kevin Lyons has teamed up with G-Shock on a new rendition to its GB-5600B-K8JF model. The durable timepiece sports a grey rubber exterior with graphics of concrete blocks taking on the straps. The watch draws inspiration from ska hits “Tougher Than Tough” by Derrick Morgan and “Concrete Jungle” by The Specials which speak on the gritty urban life in Kingston, Jamaica.

The grey motifs take on the durable timepiece’s rubber exterior, complemented by graphics of concrete blocks seen across the strap, and furthered onto its packaging. Lyons describes the mix of graphics and illustrations as a”crazy combination of concrete meets toughness meets Rudeboy meets pyramids UPTOWN.” Along with its bold makeup, the watch boasts a number of technologically-advanced elements, from Bluetooth wireless connectivity, phone calls via cellphone to time-telling for across 35 time zones. There’s even a vibration” function to alert you of incoming messages from your email and phone. This piece is now available in limited amounts in store only at our Chinatown, and W4th Livestock locations, Toronto's allocation will be available soon.