Brand Braun

In 1921, the engineer Max Braun established Braun Electrical, an equipment manufacturing workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. From the start, the company took advantage of the latest technological developments and the market opportunities they open up for innovative ideas. After WWII, new appointed directors Erwin and Artur Braun studied reports indicating a growing preference for “a modern living style”, particularly in the area of domestic furnishings. In a press release in 1954, the new direction was defined as modern, clear, plain form, attractive material, light coloured, and reasonable construction with high technical value. 

 In 1955, the hiring of 23 year old Dieter Rams had far-reaching implications. A new design style, rooted in functionality spread through the entire Braun line, from stationary and use instructions all the way to advertising. This gave Braun a corporate identity long before the term was even coined. Throughout his career, Rams lead and laid the guidelines for the Functionalist design movement, focused on removing fashion trends and avoiding obsolescence, creating designs driven by purpose and achieving purity in design through reduction and restrain.