{ie Accessories

In 2008, illustrated example ({ie) opened as a brick & mortar storefront in Vancouver’s Gastown District. Diverging from Livestock, it was created to break the conventional boundaries of streetwear through innovative design and high craftsmanship. In 2014, this vision was transferred into a Canadian-made contemporary sportswear label, committed to developing garments with a function driven design process while sourcing some of the best fabrics from across the globe.


{ie distinguishes itself through improved functionality, premium fabrics and quality construction. Whether its subtle improvements to an existing archetype, an original development or the reinvention of a classic, the challenge is to create objects worth creating. One well considered object can take the place of many cheaply made ones. Extensive research, experimentation and a commitment to quality craftsmanship provide the foundation for innovation. Details are engineered, and every piece is designed with a cohesive vision, resulting in versatile products providing solutions for modern life.