For our new Chinatown space we worked with local Vancouver designer Lucas Peet to take on the idea of developing a store front which is completely modular and can continually change for different product focuses. From the beginning, we were very open about our ideas and we were both flexible towards getting the best results. This year, Lucas won "Industrial Designer of the Year" for 2014 in Western Living's Magazine. 

The work of Lukas Peet elicits a lot of "I should have thought of that." Anyone who's ever hung a chandelier that is supported by one cord yet powered by another eyes Peet's deceptively simple Rudi light, its sole cord attached seemingly in the casual way cool Europeans throw on a scarf, and thinks, "Now, that's clever." Or they look at his industrial, felt-covered Slab series lighting, chic but muted, and think, "That's a really good idea." But spend more than a few minutes with the Canmore-raised designer and you realize his goals are less about personal accolades and more about designing objects whose functionality incorporates everything that is needed and almost nothing that isn't-a product. 

To read the rest of the article on Western Living Magazine click here, and be sure to check our Chinatown shop today for an up close and personal look at his work.