DISEMBODIED - ART EXHIBITION BY REVOLUTIONARIODESIGN - To assemble the "Disembodied" Art Exhibit, our Gastown location manager Ricky Sosa worked very closely with the Wixritari community (one of Mexico's most revered indigenous groups) to handcraft some of the most unique and inspiring patterns. These pieces embody incredibly spiritual works of art based on ceremonial traditions and rich mythology.

The "Disembodied" collectible pieces elusively reveal how a creative indwelling spiritual life resides within the body-an intelligent vital energy that it is waiting to come to light to lead the unfolding of becoming a fully being.

Ricky has the utmost respect for the Wixritari community because they are indeed revolutionaries who dare to hang on to their traditional beliefs and are resistant to change despite of the circumstances.

The "Disembodied" Art Exhibit will be presented on July 25th 2014 at the Fortune Special Project Space in Vancouver, BC Canada. Feel free to email guest@fortunesoundclub.com with 'your full name and DISEMBODIED' in the subject for free guestlist.