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hibi Herb Fragrance / Oak Moss - 30 Sticks

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hibi Herb Fragrance / Oak Moss - 30 Sticks

Arriving from Japan, hibi revolutionizes the art of incense by providing it in the form of 30 easy-to-use matchsticks. Lighters aren’t needed either, as all you have to do is strike the match on the side of the box. Once you’re done, simply place it on the included incense mat and let the scent fill the room. Each Oak Moss Herb Fragrance stick from hibi burns for approximately 10 minutes, while the aroma lingers for much longer. Use the hibi Herb Fragrance sticks at home, at the office or wherever you find yourself — they're sure to change the atmosphere of the space you’re in.

  • Made in Japan
  • Oak Moss fragrance
  • 30 sticks per pack
  • Burns for 10 minutes
  • Incense mat included

Product Code: D002