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Maharishi Upcycled TriQuilted Cargo Pants / Olive

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Maharishi Upcycled TriQuilted Cargo Pants / Olive

Staying true to their core values, the Maharishi Upcycled TriQuilted Cargo Pants are made with recycled elements from vintage military surplus. These Cargo Pants feature a six-pocket design with quilted patchwork liners overtop its structure. An adjustable drawstring waistband allows size alterations at the hips, while a Temple Ball cord system secures the ankles. Two cargo straps secure carried essentials on the legs. The Maharishi Upcycle TriQuilted Cargo Pants are constructed in India, smudged with herbal incense, blessed and washed in saffron to symbolically remove all military associations. A reflective camo label adorns the Pants on the side.

  • 100% nylon
  • Quilted patchwork liners
  • 6-pocket design / reflective camo side label
  • Adjustable waistband / drawstrings
  • Adjustable cuffs / Temple Ball cord system
  • Olive

Product Code: 6395OLV