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Nike: Better is Temporary

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Nike: Better is Temporary

Nike: Better is Temporary provides an extensive behind-the-scenes retrospective geared towards Nike’s meteoric rise as a global phenomenon. The title of the book comes from Nike’s Chief Design Officer, John Hoke, believing “that the central thesis of Nike is ‘The best is temporary at best.’” Author Sam Grawe reviews Nike’s ethos-driven design formula over the course of five thematic chapters on: performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design and sustainability. The book begins with “Breaking2,” an introduction chronicling Nike’s 2017 aspirations of breaking the world record for a sub-two-hour marathon. Nike: Better is Temporary sports a uniquely innovative hardcover, thoughtfully nodding to the contents housed within. Overlapping silkscreened layers of Volt Yellow and Hyperpunch Pink overlap atop of an image of world-champion marathoner Eliud Kipchoge, while colourful tabs on the book’s see-through-spine reference the book’s bonus chapter, “Crafting Color.” Published by Phaidon, Nike: Better is Temporary includes 500 coloured illustrations interspersed amongst passionate stories, insights, knowledge and history, explaining how and why Nike has become a benchmark for innovative sportswear.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • 500 coloured illustrations
  • Published by Phaidon

Product Code: 9781838660512