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Saucony Jazz Court RFG / Natural Gum

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Saucony Jazz Court RFG / Natural Gum

With over 120 years of history to their name, Saucony’s latest release comes in the form of the eco-friendly Jazz Court RFG — made with absolutely no plastic of any kind. By using seven naturally renewable materials to craft their most sustainable shoe ever, this marks the first step in Saucony’s push towards a greener future. From the ground up, the Saucony Jazz Court RFG features a completely organic construction consisting of a cotton canvas upper, secured with laces woven from the fibre of a eucalyptus tree. The shoe itself makes use of traditional sidewall stitching techniques — fusing the upper to the midsole without the help of synthetic adhesives — and plant string threading sourced from jute holds the build together. Underfoot, a rubberized gum outsole made of hevea milk completes this exceptionally natural silhouette — delivering soft comfort and durable traction to the Saucony Jazz Court RFG.

To minimize the use of extra packaging, this model will be shipped in its 100% recycled cardboard shoebox. If you would prefer to double-box your order for shipment, please contact us HERE before your order has been processed and shipped.

  • Organic cotton canvas upper
  • Sidewall stitched design / jute threading
  • Eucalyptus tree fibre laces
  • Beet juice stamped insoles
  • Sheep's wool sock liner / navy gardenia flower dye
  • Rubberized Lactae Hevea outsole
  • Natural Gum

Product Code: S705621