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UNLIRICE Magazine Volume #00

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UNLIRICE Magazine Volume #00

Based in Tokyo, Japan, UNLIRICE Magazine focuses on new and emerging creative cultures found across Asia and Volume #00 marks their first foray into physical print. This debut issue highlights contemporary Asia as a whole and dives deep into the untapped potential found across the continent. Helmed by Editor-in-Chief Yohei Kawada, UNLIRICE’s goal is to “sketch a map” of imaginative Pan-Asian endeavours in order to notice one another while creating new contexts and new connections. Inside, UNLIRICE Magazine Volume #00 spans 464 pages and features a broad array of content, including editorials, photography, writings, collages and much more — all revolving around the artistically-inclined subcultures of Asia.

  • Soft cover
  • 464 pages
  • Published by MOTE Inc.

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