Jordan 4 Retro “Fire Red” Family Pack Editorial

Ft. Tony Ferguson

Alongside his family, we sat down with RONE founder and renowned skateboarder Tony Ferguson to get his take on MJ’s everlasting impact on sports and daily life. 

Returning with a Family-sized pack, the Jordan 4 “Fire Red” is back in all its former glory — at least, as close to the 1989 originator as one could ever hope. Forever remembered as the shoe Michael Jordan wore during “The Shot,” this historically venerated style saw Jordan propel the Chicago Bulls past the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of their monumental 1989 playoff series. Featuring original box packaging, this drop marks the first time in 31 years that the Jordan 4 “Fire Red” has been branded with “Nike Air” on the heel. Iconic colour blocking decorates the leather upper, while a rubberized outsole, visible Nike Air unit and Jumpman trimmings round out the Jordan 4 Retro “Fire Red."

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When and why did skaters start wearing Jordans?
[Ferguson] In the late ‘80s, because Nike was already developing the next Jordan silhouette — and a bunch of shoes were discounted in the market — they went from $69.99 to $19.99. They were affordable, and I think that’s why a lot of skaters gravitated towards them. It was something you could buy and skate in. A lot of pros started skating in them: The Bones Brigade, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, [and] Tommy Guerrero. All these guys wore Jordan 1s. They came out with these big influential videos, where they were all wearing them, and I think that sparked the street/sneaker culture at that time.

Have any other team sport athletes impacted skate culture like MJ has?
No — I don't think any other athlete has influenced skateboarding more than Michael Jordan. Just with the release of the Jordan 1. How he was able to transcend sport into popular culture and influence skateboarding. It was a great shoe to skate in and it looked good. He was the top of the top.

Do you think your son’s generation will experience Jordans in the same way you did? Any differences or similarities?
I don’t think my son’s generation will experience them the way we did because we grew up watching Jordan. The Last Dance was a great documentary. My son watched it and he was so psyched on it. There are similarities — because he skates in Jordans — but it’s different. The first pair of shoes he skated in were Jordan 4s, which is funny, he wore them for like a year.

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What was your first pair of Jordan 4s and when did you get them?
The first pair I bought was in the mid ‘90s in Tokyo. They were the re-release of the original black, grey, and red.

Most Jordan collectors have a sentimental attachment to the brand — does Jordan mean anything to you?
Jordan definitely has a place in my heart. Growing up watching him, skateboarding in his shoes — it goes further than a brand. It’s something that’s really special and dear to me.

Why Jordan and not another brand?
Jordan represents the best of the best.

With that said, are there any other brands or styles that have similarly impacted your life?
I don’t think there are too many other brands. Growing up skateboarding in Jordans, they were the best shoes to skate in. The best to ball in. That sparked the whole sneaker culture. That whole influence really resonated with me, and I don’t think there is any other brand that has had that kind of [impact since].

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