Introducing the Livestock x G-SHOCK "Route B"


Designed for speed, performance and midnight laps around the Bayshore Route. 




To celebrate our long-standing history and G-SHOCK's 40th anniversary, we've worked with the Japanese watchmaker on a limited edition DW-6900, inspired by the infamous highway that encircles Tokyo known as the “Bayshore Route” or, “B-Loop.” In the 1990's, the highway functioned as normal traffic infrastructure for people travelling in and around Tokyo during the day but became an illegal high-stakes circuit for highly modified street cars and motorcycles throughout the night. Many notable racing crews made names for themselves after dark on the B Loop, including The Midnight Club and No Good Racing.

Our campaign for the DW-6900 features one of Canada’s premier drift crews: Car Shop REACT. Three of their S-Series cars served as the models for our custom Livestock x G-SHOCK crew liveries. Our campaign captures the spirit of street racing and spotlights an exciting underground community.

Drawing on the legendary watchmaker’s core tenets, structure, function, material, and design, we teamed up with G-SHOCK for a collaboration informed by the mystic history of the “Bayshore Route.” The Livestock x G-SHOCK DW6900LVS8 is an homage to this infamous stretch of asphalt which includes the highway’s symbol on the strap, a race-inspired face cluster, Japanese dial instructions and a laser-etched tachometer on the back.

To celebrate the launch, Livestock hosted G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary parties in both Vancouver and Toronto, featuring live performances from Surf Gang with Xaviersobased, RealYungPhil & Harto Falión with sets from Dyltwosix, Louke Man, Nino Brown, and Young Teesh to set each night off. Check out photos from the event, a curated playlist featuring some of our favourites from the performers, and a recap video of the events below.