Actual Source: Studio, Editor, Publisher, Book Store and Brand

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Whether it's an exhaustive retrospective on Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern Design, 2-foot-tall Architectural behemoths that definitely won’t fit anywhere in your apartment, or neat hardcovers on your favourite A24 nightmare flicks, everyone’s got books. But the stacks of coffee table books that fill the corners of every design-conscious home are still itching for that missing piece, the holy grail. Something created by your favourite designer's favourite designer.

Actual Source is the collaborative design practice of Creative Directors Davis Ngarupe (Cook Islands / USA) and JP Haynie (USA). Together, and with their community of collaborators, they design and produce books, visual identities, websites, packaging, apparel, and physical spaces for clients in many diverse fields at large and small scale.

In addition to studio practice, Actual Source operates as an editor, publisher, book store, and brand that collaborates with contemporary artists, designers, and writers to publish limited edition books, apparel, and objects. Recent collaborations include Book Works, Stefan Marx, New Tendency, Commune, Uniqlo, Goldwin, and Nike. Selected Actual Source publications are held in the library collection of the Museum of Modern Art (NY)

As longtime fans of all things design, Livestock is proud to introduce Actual Source to our growing range of both apparel and publications.

Comprised of garment-dyed t-shirts, heavyweight sweatshirts, and timeless headwear and socks, our first delivery of apparel from Actual Source features graphics inspired by publication and literature. Silhouettes and colours are kept simple to draw focus toward the high-fidelity designs adorning each item. Subtle references to publishing tools like Paper Hygroscopes and Publisher Marks are joined by original lettering from legendary German artist Stefan Marx.

"Actual Source collaborates with contemporary artists, designers, and writers"

Our first delivery of books and accessories from Actual Source includes exclusive artist publications featuring contemporary photography from Jacob Haupt, Daniel Everett, and Geordie Wood. Joining the range is Shoplifters, an annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, designers, and photographers. The latest installment in the long-running series features 156 typefaces from over 100 designers. The brand's unmistakable design language is further displayed on trays made in collaboration with Cambro, along with mugs and notebooks to round out the collection.