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It’s time we started focusing on the smaller moments.


It might sound corny, but there's something to be said about the little things. Life is full of mundane tasks - things we do on autopilot. Shifting our focus to elevate these experiences can provide a heightened sense of fulfillment on a day-to-day basis.

Take the morning routine, for example. Your mornings should be a time for reflection and meditative thinking. Realigning the mind in preparation for the day. Livestock can provide the tools to help you reach this state with our newly expanded line of personal care products, including soaps, moisturizers, and deodorants.

Image of Sssoaps bars on a rock
Salt & Stone products on a rock

Our personal care collection includes brands like SSSOAPS, Margin, and Salt & Stone.

Both hailing from Toronto, SSSOAPS and Margin reimagine modern self-care offerings through their lens. With a focus on transparency and natural ingredients, you can feel good about working SSSOAPS body bars and Margin’s Moisturizers into any part of your routine. Salt & Stone draws from their California roots, designing products that harmonize with nature and movement.

Three bottles of Corpus Body Wash
CORPUS® Naturals​​

CORPUS® Naturals

In addition to our currently available brands, we are happy to introduce CORPUS Naturals. The brand shares our values in the pursuit of creating products that put form and function on an even keel. Natural scents and elevated design add luxury and purpose to your everyday tasks.

4 boxes of Corpus deodorant
CORPUS® Naturals​​
top down photo of Corpus Deodorant
CORPUS® Naturals​​

Founded in 2018, CORPUS products are designed with intent. Manufactured from start to finish in California, CORPUS does not use off-the-shelf ingredients in their product development; all ingredients are created in-house. Made in the USA, CORPUS maintains unprecedented involvement in manufacturing, not possible overseas. Meticulously crafted from start to finish, even the packaging is custom-produced in a family-owned factory that uses 100% hydroelectric power.

Arriving in the form of four scented deodorants and body washes, our first delivery from CORPUS is available now.

Three bottles of Corpus body wash
CORPUS® Naturals​​

"Add luxury and purpose to your everyday tasks."

MARGIN: The Contemporary Care Company

Born from dissatisfaction with the personal care industry and its standards, Margin takes a scientifically sound approach to development and ingredient selection. Their moisturizer is developed to hydrate, protect, and renew the skin. Using ingredients in their most pure and unaltered form, Margin has developed an uncompromising product in its pursuit of improving form and function.

Margin Moisturizer resting on box

"MARGIN takes a scientifically sound approach."

salt and stone logo
salt and stone product on a ledge


The brainchild of Los Angeles native and pro snowboarder Nima Jali, Salt & Stone has developed a range of body care products inspired by the sea and mountains. Developed in harmony with nature, Salt & Stone’s products are rich in natural ingredients and celebrate the all-consuming power of scent.

Sssoaps bars stacked on a boulder


Growing from a hobby into a full-fledged business during the lockdowns of COVID-19, SSSOAPS is locally crafted in Toronto, Ontario, by Sandro Petrillo. Crafting up to 400 bars a week in a 250 square foot studio, SSSOAPS keeps things homemade and local.