Salomon XT-SLATE: Form, Function, and Object

Exploring ecological architecture with the French brand.


Whether manmade or natural, our environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behaviour. This extends to the development of footwear that allows us to run further, climb higher and ride faster. Born in the heart of the French Alps, Salomon is a product of its environment and mastering mountain-ready design has been core to the brand since its inception. High-quality, functional footwear has always been expected from the brand, especially its premium performance S/Lab division.


What was not expected was Salomon's recent impact on high fashion and culture. Several successful collaborations, supported by online mood boards, including and @hikingpatrol, rapidly shifted the brand into streetwear's heavyweight class. This led to the founding of the 'Advanced' label - allowing for more lifestyle-focused footwear designs without straying from S/Lab's original concept.

With this in mind, we were excited to get our hands on one of the latest Salomon Advanced models, the XT-Slate. Livestock's head office is in Vancouver, Canada, but we resisted the urge to take them to the coastal mountain range just north of the city. Instead, we wanted to highlight the silhouette in an urban environment, which led us to Vancouver's Conservatory. The building occupies the highest point in the city and contains over 500 species of plants and 100 exotic birds. The Buckminster Fuller inspired Dome and surrounding plaza, including a Henry Moore sculpture are cited with the specific goal of representing humankind’s interdependence with nature.

The conservatory is cited with the specific goal of representing humankind’s interdependence with nature.

This architecture felt like the perfect backdrop for the XT-Slate - a model more accustomed to city life while staying connected to its outdoor legacy. With an anti-debris mesh upper, this shoe draws inspiration from the rugged beauty of rocky trail landscapes. Crafted from synthetic materials for increased durability and enhanced protection, it boasts an Advanced Chassis bottom unit to deliver top-notch stability on unpredictable terrains. The Contagrip outsole features a reverse chevron lug pattern, guaranteeing exceptional traction across various landscapes. Salomon's patented Quicklace system completes the package, ensuring effortless wear and removal.

To complete the concept, we created an in-store installation that embodies the XT-Slate's influences. The sculpture will be on display at our Chinatown location until November 15th. 


Visit 141 East Pender Street to view the artwork and explore the latest styles from Salomon Advanced.