Converse launched in 1908 with a focus in the sportswear market — and a patent to vulcanize shoes — due to the growing professionalization of athletic teams across the United States. The now ubiquitous brand created their first “Non-Skid All Stars” sneaker in 1923, featuring a grippy outsole to provide traction for athletes who needed it most. Back then, Converse’s rise in prominence was closely tied to basketball’s increasing popularity, and now, over the course of the last century, Converse has made an impact on almost every culture and subculture there is.

Converse at Livestock Canada

Converse is one of those unavoidable brands you always see wherever you go; famed and firmly cemented in today’s sneaker culture, the Boston-based brand has remained ubiquitous for over a century. Since creating one of the most recognizable shoes ever made, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Converse is simply well-known. From the playground to the NBA to Andy Warhol, Kurt Cobain and The Ramones being avid fans; Converse has transcended athletics and are now known as a symbol of modern street style and we're happy to help you get a pair at Livestock.

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