A Hope Hemp

Inspired by the sustainability of hemp fibres, A Hope Hemp is a Japanese brand that creates simple, yet essential items made from hemp-based fabrics. They were established in 1998 by Osaka’s Stay Gold Company and their main focus looks to use hemp as a cotton alternative in everything they create. From T-shirts to socks, A Hope Hemp’s desire to elevate everyday staples has led the company to success — bolstered by the unique, everlasting and comfortable qualities of hemp fabric.

A Hope Hemp at Livestock Canada

Known for their expert craftsmanship and eco-conscious design, A Hope Hemp primarily makes T-shirts and socks made from hemp. In doing so, their apparel is not only timeless but also comfortable to wear and is made to last a lifetime. It’s for these reasons we appreciate A Hope Hemp’s story and philosophy at Livestock Canada. Since their well-balanced products are made to wear all year long, you can wear them to stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter. On top of that, thanks to their ethical design practices, A Hope Hemp is definitely a brand you don’t want to overlook.

A Hope Hemp: Shipping and Delivery

Here at Livestock, we provide the best collection of offerings from A Home Hemp to avid streetwear and fashion enthusiasts in Canada. Multiple shipping options are available to choose from, because if you’re shopping for A Home Hemp in Canada, it should be ready at your fingertips. Whether or not you live outside of our home cities, we’ll ship any of A Home Hemp’s offerings to you anywhere across the country. FREE delivery with signature for orders over $50 CAD in Canada. Please see the rest of our shipping rates and delivery methods here.