Based in London, IDEA bridges the gap between bookseller and publisher, having irresistibly positioned themselves as a champion of all things text. The company launched in 2009 under the ownership of Angela Hill and David Owen, and has since become a mecca of monographs, merchandise and curation. IDEA is known for their rotating selection of vintage literature alongside an ever-growing library of self-published books — the latter of which encompasses everything from architecture and fashion to graphic design, photography and other fascinating topics.

IDEA at Livestock Canada

In 2015, Vogue named IDEA “the coolest book publisher in the world” — and at Livestock Canada, we can’t help but to agree. With an eclectic collection of works to their name, IDEA skillfully walks the line between bookseller, publishing house and maker of sought-after memorabilia. Having expanded their operations from bookstore to bookmaker to creator of apparel and accessories, IDEA defies expectation while captivating audiences with their trendsetting tastes and publications. Whether you’re looking for an obscure book or a stylish piece to wear, IDEA has something for everyone.

IDEA: Shipping and Delivery

Here at Livestock, we provide the best collection of offerings from IDEA to avid streetwear and fashion enthusiasts in Canada. Multiple shipping options are available to choose from, because if you’re shopping for IDEA in Canada, it should be ready at your fingertips. Whether or not you live outside of our home cities, we’ll ship any of IDEA’s publications, apparel or accessories to you anywhere across the country. FREE delivery with signature for orders over $50 CAD in Canada. Please see the rest of our shipping rates and delivery methods here.