Natural Rascals

Founded on the belief that the great outdoors should be enjoyed for as long as possible, Natural Rascals is more than just a brand — it's a lifestyle. Rooted in the scenic landscapes of Canada, this homegrown company has set out to create products that not only enhance your outdoor experience but also foster a sense of community. Plus, with a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, Natural Rascals goes the extra mile by packaging each of its carefully crafted items in reusable materials. This not only minimizes their carbon footprint but also resonates with those who are eco-conscious. And by collaborating with local artisans, the brand ensures that every product is made in Canada, embodying a spirit of community and quality that's hard to find elsewhere.

Natural Rascals at Livestock Canada

At Livestock Canada, we're excited to feature Natural Rascals' innovative products designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Whether it's the Basehand Salve, a nourishing blend of botanical ingredients like tremella mushroom and pumpkin seed, or the Hiking Mist, a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to keep bugs at bay, each product embodies the brand's commitment to quality and sustainability. And let's not forget the Vermont Candle, a hand-poured creation that brings the essence of the wilderness right into your space. If you're someone who values both the beauty of nature and the importance of eco-conscious living, Natural Rascals is a brand that aligns with those principles.

Natural Rascals: Shipping and Delivery

Here at Livestock, we provide the best collection of offerings from Natural Rascals to avid streetwear and fashion enthusiasts in Canada. Multiple shipping options are available to choose from, because if you’re shopping for Natural Rascals in Canada, it should be ready at your fingertips. Whether or not you live outside of our home cities, we’ll ship any of Natural Rascals’ skincare products to you anywhere across the country. FREE delivery with signature for orders over $50 CAD in Canada. Please see the rest of our shipping rates and delivery methods here.