Friday January 31st Happy Ending Fridays presents Hoodboi x Falcons (LA/TeamSupreme/HW&W) with Rico Uno & Genie (REUP), Punk Party with Justin Patterson & Justin Gradin and Jessica Lynn 2014 Fashion Show

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Falcons and DJ Hoodboi are upcoming producer's from the thriving Los Angeles electronic music community... recently forming a supergroup of r&b and club music artists called ATHLETIXX. Consisting of Falcons, Hoodboi, Colta, and Kittens... Athletixx is set to be a major player in dance music for LA and the West Coast in general, with backing from Mad Decent and other major crews... creating a sound influenced by styles abroad, but putting the west coasts smooth and accessible take on it all.

This minimix features nothing but original content from the 2 producers and a few unreleased tracks as well. This show's not to be missed.

Dj Hoodboi x Trippy Turtle - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay
Falcons x Dj Hoodboi - Tick Tock
Missy x The Freshest - Call Your Name (Falcons remix)
Janet Jackson x Sisqo - I get so Lonely (Hoodboi remix)
Sweater Beats - Feel Me (Falcons remix)
Ginuwine - Differences (Hoodboi remix)
Ty $ - Paranoid (Falcons x Hoodboi remix)
DJ Sliink - Vibrate (Dj Hoodboi edit)
Falcons - Vroom
DJ Hoodboi x Promnite - Wetter

Happy Ending Fridays features the world's best on rotation alongside local superstars. Happy Ending Fridays feature Hedspin (Eh!Team DJ's), Rico Uno (The Freshest), Marvel (The Freshest), Sincerely Hana (Glory Days), Cherchez (Rad Times), Brendan Butter (Livestock), GMAN (Timebomb, Livestock) with the world's greatest Dj's on rotation. No matter what style or genre of music, Friday nights promise to put forward only the best and meanest flavour for your ears for a truly happy ending to the week. This is not the joint to come looking to hear commercial music we'll leave the radio and Granville Street to bring you that.

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