The Kick Back

TheKickBack is an initiative to put brand new, lightly worn sneakers into the hands of adolescents who will make the most out of the gift.

By donating sneakers to youth who may not normally be able to afford them, we’re hoping to get kids eager to show up to school excited to learn, instil confidence, grow, and to put a smile on faces.
If you would like to donate a pair of Brand New/Lightly worn sneakers to the Kickback, all sizes are accepted. Ideal range: Mens size 7-13.

Donations will be accepted at the following locations:

Livestock Spadina
116 Spadina Ave
Toronto ON, M5V 2K6
416 360 5483
HOURS 11am – 8pm
Livestock Roncesvalles
406 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto ON, M6R 2M9
647 347 8046
HOURS 11am – 8pm
Pathways to Education
Attention: Kai Gordon / Jermyn Creed
439 University Ave #1600Toronto, ON M5G 1T6

Pathways was developed in 2000 as a community strategy to:
- Reduce the high school drop out rate within the Regent / Moss Park community
- Increase college / University enrolment
- Reduce the percentage of youth with serious attendance problem
- Reduce the percentage of the most academically at-risk students

Accepting Donations Aug 1 - August 25th at locations mentioned

We live in a time, where a good pair of sneakers goes along way. They give certain people confidence, the ability to participate in sports, and an outlet to express our personality. 
Growing up, it’s always been important to show up on the first day of school with something new, something cool, and something you felt confident in.
A good pair of shoes nowadays can be quite expensive, and there are so many parents that see this as an impractical, but mandatory, purchase in order to put a smile on their child’s face for their first day back at school.
Parents want their kids to be excited to get back into class and excited about learning, and often, a new pair of sneakers helps that significantly.

High school students in the Regent Park / Moss Park community that are apart of the Pathways to Education Program will benefit from these donations.