With their simplistic approach to aromatics, hibi draws inspiration from traditional match-making and incense techniques born in Japan. In 2011, the brand was conceived in hopes of preserving the act of striking a match while infusing fragrances only found from incense. By combining the specialities of Kobe Match Company, Awaji Island’s Daihatsu Company and Hyogo’s Trunk Design, hibi accomplished what they set out to do after three years of prototyping. As a result, each hibi incense stick lights up as easily as any matchstick would — offering 10 minutes of aromatic bliss from a wide range of enjoyable scents.

hibi at Livestock Canada

Standing as a true and pure lifestyle-minded brand, hibi translates to “day-to-day,” or “daily” — which is a testament to the sentiments behind their incense. Every detail is meticulous curated, from the design of the packaging to how each fragrant matchstick is developed. So, for us at Livestock Canada, hibi represents everything we value as a company. Their innovative incense sticks are made from a culmination of passions made to soothe, born from traditional craftsmanship so you can enjoy the aromas of incense by simply striking a match.

hibi: Shipping and Delivery

Here at Livestock, we provide the best collection of offerings from hibi to avid streetwear and fashion enthusiasts in Canada. Multiple shipping options are available to choose from, because if you’re shopping for hibi in Canada, it should be ready at your fingertips. Whether or not you live outside of our home cities, we’ll ship any of hibi’s offerings to you anywhere across the country. FREE delivery with signature for orders over $50 CAD in Canada. Please see the rest of our shipping rates and delivery methods here.