Founded in Seattle in 1993, Manastash is an outdoor clothing company inspired by nature, sport and American/Japanese culture. Nowadays, however, the brand operates out of Tokyo, Japan, using only sustainable and often recycled materials to manufacture unique pieces that perform under rigorous natural conditions. Manastash not only seeks to connect harmoniously with their surroundings, but to also make outdoor wear that is timeless and bold. Functional and technical fabrics are often used each season, allowing Manastash’s freewheeling design ethos to easily shine through.

Manastash at Livestock Canada

With a brand ethos that revolves around making the best clothing possible, Manastash has quickly become a fan favourite at Livestock Canada and all around the world. Their dedication to detail and inclusion of sustainable materials makes every one of their pieces stand out that much more, plus their apparel is performance ready for whenever you step outdoors. With all this in mind, it’s easy to understand how Manastash’s unconventional designs are so attractive, especially since everything is eco-friendly, outdoor-orientated and innovatively constructed.

Manastash: Shipping and Delivery

Here at Livestock, we provide the best collection of offerings from Manastash to avid streetwear and fashion enthusiasts in Canada. Multiple shipping options are available to choose from, because if you’re shopping for Manastash in Canada, it should be ready at your fingertips. Whether or not you live outside of our home cities, we’ll ship any of Manastash’s apparel or accessories to you anywhere across the country. FREE delivery with signature for orders over $50 CAD in Canada. Please see the rest of our shipping rates and delivery methods here.